i phone and moto connectivity


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    Beeline Team

    Hey Steve, you're not a numpty!! That's a good question. 

    While you're using your Beeline Moto, the phone and Beeline Moto communicate via Bluetooth. When you're loading a map to plan a route, or while the Beeline Moto is re-routing you if you go off route, it will be using data. 

    If you want to limit the data that it can use, I would recommend planning your routes while you have Wifi (at home or in a cafe etc.). You can save these routes in the app for later if you're not riding right away. You could also make sure that you keep auto-reroute turned off and, if you go off-route, you'll be guided back to your original route :). 

    Hope this helps and explains it. If you have any other questions please let us know or email support@beeline.co!

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